Teashop Afternoon Tea 23.00 (PP)
A pot of our selection of loose leaf tea,
a selection of salmon and cream cheese, 
ham with English mustard, our local farm free range
eggs and homemade mayonnaise sandwiches.
Our famous homemade sultana scone with
lashings of our secret recipe strawberry jam
topped with Rodda’s clotted cream garnished
with a fresh strawberry.
A homemade mini victoria sponge, a brace of
indulgent chocolate brownie with raspberry
sprinkles and a shortbread petticoat tail dusted
with caster sugar, meringue kisses and a
delicious macaroon all lovingly baked at the

Sparkling afternoon tea 29.00 (PP)
Along with this delightful Afternoon tea comes a
bubbling glass of prosecco and a little sparkling